NWSCUG – May 19th, 2023!

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**Note – our meeting on Friday May 19th will be ONLINE only (don’t show up at the Microsoft Office in Bellevue).

Join us Friday, May 19th ONLINE for NWSCUG! We have great sessions by Rudy, Scott, Mike, and Adaptiva.

10:00 – 11:00 – Rudy’s Tips and Tricks – Rudy Bankson

11:15 – 12:15 – Intune Assignments, Grouping, Filtering and More – Scott Duffey

12:15 – 1:00 – Lunch and MMS Recap – Sponsored by Adaptiva

1:00 – 2:00 – Forever change the way you patch third-party applications – Adaptiva

2:15 – 3:15 – Intune Policy – Past, Present and Future – Mike Danowski

Rudy’s Tips and Tricks – Our very own Rudy Bankson will share many of his tips, as well as some newly learned tricks from MMSMOA.

Intune Assignments, Grouping, Filtering and More – We’ll talk about some of the most important and complex Intune features across grouping, targeting, filtering, reporting. This session will give you insight that you will be able to immediately apply in your day job to further understand what Intune is doing behind the scenes and why certain operations are fast and others take time. We’ll deep dive on important concepts and cover the past, present and future innovation product direction.

Forever change the way you patch third-party applications – Join Chaz Spahn to learn how Adaptiva Autonomous Patch is changing the game when it comes to patching third-party applications. Autonomous Patch provides real-time visibility, patch automation through easily configured patch strategies thanks to a no-code drag-and-drop designer, limitless patch distribution, an ever-growing library of metadata from a dedicated metadata team, and more.

Intune Policy – Past, Present and Future – We’ll look at the history of policy in Intune and how it drove us to where we are today. We’ll also discuss the implementation of the settings catalog and how its unworldly power will allow us to achieve standardization across the entire policy management experience. Come ask questions and learn about policy in Intune!

About Greg Ramsey

Greg Ramsey is a Distinguished Engineer for Dell Digital - Services. He has a B.S. in Computer Sciences and Engineering from The Ohio State University and has co-authored many books over the years. Greg is also a board member of the Northwest System Center User Group and the Midwest Management Summit. ​Greg has been a Microsoft Endpoint Manager (ConfigMgr, Intune) MVP for over 14 years.
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