Northwest System Center User Group

NWSCUG for January 15th, 2021!

Greetings NWSCUG!

Join us again on January 15th online for another great NWSCUG afternoon! For this meeting, you’re (once again) invited to remain in your PJs, or dress it up on business casual, and join from your home or work. This meeting is open to all humans globally!

Simply register like you always do, and the day before the meeting we’ll send a Teams invitation to all registered attendees.

We’ve partnered with AZSMUG and TCSMUG to bring you a great lineup!

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Agenda below:

11:30 – 12:20 – Proactive Remediation Deep Dive – Jan Ketil Skanke

12:30-1:30 – Automating Third-Party Patching and App Creation with Patch My PC

1:45 – 2:45 – CM Scripts and Toast – Paul Wetter

3:00 – 4:00 – Patching The Remote World – Jordan Benzing

4:00 – Wrap-up Q&A

CM Scripts and Toast – Paul Wetter

This session will be an overview of CM Scripts. Their advantages and limitations.  From there, I’ll dive into a script I wrote recently that uses CM Scripts for delivery of time-sensitive notifications to end-users via Windows Toasts.  This will include the tricks I used to overcome some of the limitations of scripts.

Patching The Remote World – Jordan Benzing

Patching was going pretty well for you. All you’re users came into the office, turned their computers on did their work, and then shut their computers off and went home for the day. Maybe you even had maintenance windows, or Wake On Lan configured to patch them. Now it’s been 8 months since you’ve last seen them, and they haven’t even called. How do you get them back into management, what can you do to avoid saturating VPN solutions? What can you do now if your users are back in the office to avoid this being a problem ever again?

Proactive Remediation Deep Dive – Jan Ketil Skanke

With Endpoint Analytics in Intune, we also got the awesome feature Proactive Remediations allowing you to perform compliance item/baseline type jobs across all Windows managed devices. In this session, we will not only look at the power of these features but also the underlying components, how to trace the running of the detection and remediation script, troubleshooting, and more.